Extraordinary Snacks.

Made in an anywhere but ordinary place.

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Like none other

A snack Stick like none other.  

With flavors such as Honey Mustard, Dill Pickle,

Korean Barbecue, Smoky Barbecue, Roasted Chile Pepper, Sesame, & more.

We all love a good pita

chips, but what about a

great pita chip?

With Sea Salt, Dill Pickle, Tandoori Spice, Hot Moroccan Spice, & more.

Flatbread Crisps made from real flatbreads.

The Works,

wonderful Quinoa & Chia,

an Extraordinary Rosemary, and Srirarcha...

A taste above

A cracker-snack delight

We strive to be the leader in innovative and incredible snacks.  If you're looking for a company that drives new consumer sales, look no further.  New items on the way!

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Not just another pretty facing

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All products are manufactured in Brooklyn, NY USA

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